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Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Cara mendapatkan Badge You Mad Bro di AQW

ni gan, ane nemuin cara dapetin badge u mad bro, ini bener gak ya??? ( maaf cuman copas orang lain )

when i was in aqw, i was on yulgar, and found a guy named wirux, he haves the badge and he told me how he got it, he says that are 3 possible ways to get the badge,
1st: the badge can come randomly %
2nd: he used dragonscale+rhisonblood on fehu rune
3rd: he was constantly trying to make potions while he didnt have reagents

that is what i know, after i ended typing this message, i will try those 3 options to see if any is true... wish me luck :D

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